Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Secret Base X Artoyz Halloween Collaboration!!


Man, Secret Base is getting jiggy with everyone on Halloween! They have their own set, they have the set with Super 7 and now we see a collaboration with Artoyz!! Whose next? SB likes to get busy with multiple suitors it appears. That's good and bad for collectors. With the current releases and a lot more on the horizon before year end, i'm having to choose a bit more carefully what i'm gonna spend my endz on. Also competing for the same $$$ would be Japanese mecha, wife, mortgage, food, electricity, shoes for my daughter, etc, etc.


What I do like about this Artoyz set is the colors and details. I'm a sucker for clear vinyl and this set has an interesting blood orange shade to it. I'm digging the gold Obake body and the gold dust on the Black Skullbee Gi. Also notice that underneath the Skullbee head, it looks like a mini ghost head popping up from the neck. Awesome details!! Great photography as well! I'm really digging this set!

Looks like it's gonna be released on Halloween on the Artoyz website:
Skullbee is limited to 100 pieces at 55 Euros
Obake Ghost is limited to 100 pieces at 45 Euros
100 Euros for the set.




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