Thursday, October 26, 2006

Secret Base Masked Ranger: Green Barbarian


The latest from Secret Base in their acclaimed Masked Ranger series kinda slipped by un-noticed for the most part. Partly because of the furvor on the limited Silver Mantis which I am still trying to get, partly because there a lot of toys being put out right now and partly because you can readily get it still at Super 7 and ToyTokyo. Having said this, long time collectors of Secret Base say it's one of the best figures to come out this year. While not a huge Barbarian fan, I do like the clear green vinyl; not too dark and has a nice minty hue to it. Since most of us are putting together the entire set, it could have looked like a green pile of poo and we still would have bought it. BTW, did you know that Kozik makes toys in the shape of poo? I believe next up is the last figure in this series and will be a yellow Pumpkin Head. Looking forward to it!






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