Thursday, October 26, 2006

Super 7 x Secret Base: "Ghoul's Night Out" Skull Bee 2of5


This Saturday, were all showing up for the Super 7 x Secret Base "Ghouls Night Out" Figure #2 in the exclusive Halloween set. This week features the signature Glow in the Dark and Orange Skullbee. I have to say that while i'm not into the sculp, I am compelled to purchase this figure and all the others to complete the set. Nothing would try me more crazy than to by pass a figure and then have the bonus figure something I really, really want!

Pics from last Saturday's release of Frankenghost:



Shibby, Rhinomilk and Brian clearl excited about their new Frankenghost!!


Dave busting out the crowd-pleasing smile with his new Frankenghost but still wondering where the mini zag version is.


1 comment:

rhinomilk said...

damn, i look weirder in that pic than usual. hehehe

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