Monday, October 30, 2006

NEON Martian Exclusive Skuttle from Touma and OneUp!!!

blue skuttle

blue skuttle back

While cruising Vinylpulse the other day, I jumped when I saw this SICK Touma Skuttle from OneUp with an exclusive Blue and Yellow colorway from UK retailer NEON Martian


From NEON Martian:

We are pleased to confirm that the Neon Martian EXCLUSIVE Touma Skuttle is approved and due early to mid November 2006 !

There will only be 88 of this colourway produced, 55 (1-55) available at The other 33 at One-Up Japan for the Asian market. Each Skuttle will have a numbered card confirming the production number.

Due to the limited number that will be made, we are opening this cool figure up for preorder now. Upon receipt of stock your Neon Martian Touma Skuttle will be dispatched. The earlier you order the lower the issue number you will receive..

The picture is the approved colourway, although there may be slight variation on the finished figure.

Skuttle measures approx 6" in height and will come new in bag packaging.

With only 55 available from NEON Martian, I jumped at the chance to pre-order this guy. It's a bit unusual to have any kind of design printed on the shell because where else would Touma do those really cool sketches that you wait in line for hours to get? Skuttles are cool. I definitely like them the best out of Touma's characters. The Goon (looks like a Dragon) is my second favorite design but I wish Touma would make him in a translucent vinyl.

If you're interested to see more Skuttle colorways, check out this dope collection from Jacranky from the KR board. Nice assortment! These little buggers can get very expensive on the after market. I've seen some colors go for over $300!!! Now sell them to me (cheap)!



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kamagra said...

I had a friend that have all this toys, he's a kind of freak or something, I mean it's ok for kids have toys like this but for a 30 years old guy it's not normal...

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