Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sneak Peek at Super 7 and Secret Base Halloween Extravaganza!!

In another extremely anticipated release, here's a super sneak peek at Super 7 and Secret Base's Halloween tour de force. As some of you might know, head honcho Brian Flynn over at S7 is a HUGE Halloween fan. That's why all the S7 exclusive toys are the signature orange and black. Just like last year and not unlike this recent 4 week Gargamel orgasmatron, Super 7 will be releasing a Super exclusive Secret Base figure every Saturday for four consecutive weeks. If you can get all four figures, you are treated with a fifth super secret bonus figure free! I love it, but I didn't make the full set last go around. This time it will be different damn it! So feast your eyes on the sneak peak showing 2 of the 5 figures: Rare and elusive Pumpkin Head and Obake Sheet in yummy, translucent orange vinyl!!!

S7 Halloween Figs 2006


Anonymous said...

*GASP* Halloween... translucent... vinyl? Orange??

I've seen those Secret Base figs in non-translucent deco before, and I wanted them then. Now, eesh. Willpower begone.

This site is a bad influence. I already spend far too much cash on old Transformers.

toybot studios said...

yes, yummy translucent vinyl! Nothing is better!

Be careful Akum6n, Secret Base is the gateway toy to Japanese vinyl. Once you get started, forgettabout it...willpower and cash begone foreva!

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