Friday, October 06, 2006

Super 7 Issue 14: KAWS DISSECTED Drops!!!


For any of you reading this post that are not already subscribers to Super 7, you're missing out!! Go...Get on it...Suscribe now!!


Issue 14 of Super7 is our hottest issue yet, bringing you the best in toys, art and design! With a massive cover feature on graffiti, gallery and toy artist, Kaws, plus six jam-packed features, news, columns, music, and more, you can’t afford to miss this issue of Super7. Now with more pages and a slick new cover style!

A sneak peek at Super7 14’s contents:

Cover Story: Kaws has risen to legendary status in the past few years among street kids and the art elite. Beginning as a graffiti artist who manipulated major advertisements in NYC, Kaws has parlayed his misfit approach into a multi-platform attack encompassing fashion design, gallery installations and vinyl toys. Get the story from the man himself in our in-depth interview focusing on his influential toy works.

Features: Japanese punk band Balzac is back with a new US album and an army of toys--hear all about it from Balzac front man and toy designer Hirosuke Nishiyama!

The world’s first giant robot, Tetsujin 28, gets a live-action DVD release. Super7 sounds off on this lavish 2004 production bursting with CGI robot battles.

Change is healthy, especially for robots. Discover why in our inside look at the classic toys based on the Japanese ‘80s cartoon Macross (known in the US as Robotech.) Plus, a featurette and interview with Macross designer, Haruhiko Mikimoto!

What happens when a giant bug from Atlantis named Megalon picks a fight with Godzilla? Well, he gets his butt kicked and a gaggle of great toys made in his likeness. Every Megalon toy that was ever made appears in this feature. Nerd core at its finest.

Bang your head! Nakajima Nodding Toys are the greatest gimmick vinyls to come out of Japan and we give you the complete breakdown and collectors checklist. See. We do love you.

Columns: Creator of the Kubrick, Oka Narue, talks twelve-inch figures. Vinyl savant and Japanese punk star, Take-shit, gets misty-eyed over metal monsters. Super7 owner and creator Brian Flynn gets nostalgic over the early days of Japanese toy collecting. And, Hiddy Kinoshita, owner of the Secret Base boutique in Harujuku, explores his crazy collecting habits in print!


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