Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kaiyodo Revoltech Figures Keep Coming!!!


The Revoltech Juggernaut continues to storm through the toy world! Most recently we have this very cool and detailed Mazin Kaiser figure. I just pre-ordered this bad boy for $19.99 which is due to be out January 2007. Next up we have the interesting Getter 3 mecha to round out your Getter collection. Since Getter 1 was one of the first Revoltech figures to be released, I got that one, but wasn't feeling Getter 2. Getter 3 is pretty cool, but overall, my biggest problem with this set are the colors. I'm not into the red,white and orange.


Then we have another Dougram Mech. This is the Dougram Soltic which is ok and has a nice green color, but since I wasn't digging the first Dougram that much, i'm not about to start now with the Soltic.


Finally, I guess the guys at Kaiyodo or Organic have a thing for Patlabor cause they are already making a second version of this guy. I like him better than the first version which I didn't buy, but this one is not that much different to make me want to buy it either.


ok, toy snob, what licenses would you like Revoltech to get? Well....Votoms to start out with. Although there are a ton of Votoms figures coming out, you can never have enough. How about Five Star Stories? Hmmmmmm? Difficult to manufacture? Yes! Completely awesome? Yes! Yes! Raideen anyone?

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