Monday, October 23, 2006

toybot studios Toy Vacation!!! Part I


A couple of weeks ago, I took my family on vacation to Los Angeles. My toy vacation was cleverly disguised as a trip to see my family as well as take my daughter to Disneyland for the first time. However by the fifth toy store that we visited in LA, my wife was on to me.

Normally we would have left the Bay Area in the morning on Saturday to begin the long-ass haul to So Cal. I told her that we would have to leave around noon on Saturday because I had to go to Super7. She replied: "WHAT? Why do you have to go to Super 7...again???!!" I explained that there was a new toy being released (S7 Exclusive Blobpus the Last Kaiju and mini Blobpi) and that I had to take pictures of it. I tried to calm her down by telling her I wasn't going to buy it, which was true, but since this was the first Saturday that Isaac and Brian were back from Japan, I didn't want to miss any of the goodness those guys may have brought with them to sell at the store.









Isaac telling us all about his travels to Japan!


The other fringe benefit of showing up early on Saturday was to see the Mark Mothersbaugh art show before the opening later that night. You might remember Mark (if you're an geezer like me) as the iconic front man in the uberhip 80's band Devo. If you don't know who Devo is, check them out young buck! I actually quite like his art. It has a playful and colorful, yet edgy kinda pop nostalgia going on...Check out the robot with the guitar belting out Devo lyrics!







Unfortunately, there no good schwag to be had from Japan. That kinda sucked, but it would have sucked even more if I left for LA earlier and everyone telling me, "ohhhh did you see what Isaac brought back from Japan..." I didn't get either the Blobpus the Last Kaiju or the mini Blobpi. Could be one of the only times I have ever left Super 7 empty handed. So it was onto the Los Angeles and the "We Are All Mad" custom Cheshire Cat Show at Gallery 1988 that night...

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