Thursday, October 12, 2006

Secret Base Alien Mantis Preview!!!


Japanese Toy Maker Secret Base throws the Japanese vinyl toy collecting community for a loop by releasing this preview of their upcoming Alien Mantis figure. If you happened to catch this earlier post on Secret Base's Masked Ranger series, you saw the following picture from Secret Base's retail store in Japan. It shows a grey silver plushie figure with two heads. We have learned from Brian Flynn of Super7, that this Alien Mantis is a super limited figure and not officially part of the Masked Ranger Series. All the figures in the series comes with a plushie inside the vinyl. I assumed this two-headed plushie was the very popular two-headed Ghostfighter, but Skullbrain member, LivingDead reminded me that it could be the two headed Madball or Mantis figures as well! I have to say after seeing it myself, I really like the Mantis! Previous versions were in this ugly green color. The silver Alien version rocks!! Mystery Solved!! There will be two more figures in the Masked Ranger series. Experts have determined that they will be a Yellow Pumpkin Brain and a Green Death Barbarian both with the signature plushies inside. I can hardly wait! Thanks LivingDead for allowing me to post these awesome pics!





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toybot studios said...

can i leave a comment on my own post? I think so...

anyways, this Secret Base Alien Mantis went on a very limited sale yesterday while I was offline at Super7 and ToyTokyo. 2 minutes later, both stores were sold out. No sign of this figure on Yahoo Japan Auction either! It's more elusive than the gold skullwings!! what's up with that? Gonna have to get creative to get my hands on one of these...

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