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Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins for PSP Review!!!


Although I'm a certified video game junkie, I don't review video games. There are too many other sites like Gamespot which do a much better and thorough job than I could ever hope to muster. So I was a bit surprised when the marketing muscle behind Capcom approached me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to review Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins for the PSP. I guess someone saw that I had a PSP playlist on the blog and thought, hey maybe he'll write a review for us. So they sent me the game and I had the pleasure of checking it out last week. Being an old geezer, I remember the original Ghosts and Goblins. It was a pretty cool game back in the day when 2D side scrollers were all the rage, so I was a bit concerned how this updated version would fare on my PSP competing with the 3D likes of Tekken Dark Ressurection, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror, Tomb Raider Legend and Def Jam Fight for New York.


The first thing I noticed as Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins started up is how beautiful it is on the PSP. It looks better than it ever did on any previous system including Arcade! The graphics really popped and the colors were rich and vivid. I learned that while GNG is a 2D side scroller, it actually utilizes an all new 3D graphics engine which makes the universe come alive! The new engine also allowed for greater control over movement and actions allowing for more ways to jump and shoot. I also enjoyed the new selections of weapons including this kick-ass boomerang axe thing!


The downside to this game is that it's damn hard! One bad move, slip or shot not timed properly and you're dead. It can be very frustrating to play. To address this issue, Capcom luckily added a new feature which allows you to play on easy, normal or hard settings. Also new is the ability to get extra lives to start off where you died as opposed to lame check points.


If you're an old skool 2D side scrolling type of guy, than this is a definite must have for your PSP. The game format is perfect for those bus and train rides into school or work. If you're not into side scrollers or don't even know what a side scroller is, Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins is still worth checking out. Don't believe me? Check out this game trailer and decide for yourself!

Lastly, you know I had to throw in the toy reference, right? Well, check out this Ghosts N Goblins set released several weeks ago at Wonderfestival in Japan from Gargamel! Notice that the box says Capcom on it!


All hail the return of Sir Arthur as Capcom

announces Ultimate Ghosts ‘n GoblinS™ for THE PSP ™ (PlayStation®Portable) system

E3, LOS ANGELES ¾ May 10, 2006 — The beloved armored Arthur, with his renowned boxers in tow, charges onto the portable gaming scene as Capcom® today presented Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins™ , an exciting side-scrolling action adventure game for the PSP™ (PlayStation ® Portable) system. Created by members of the original Ghost 'n Goblins team, the long awaited fourth installment to the favored franchise sees the triumphant return of valiant knight, Sir Arthur, as he must save the princess from the clutches of evil. Specifically recreated from the ground up, witness the evolution of the series with the inclusion of exciting upgrades and new gameplay features, all the while retaining the legendary qualities reminiscent to the property. Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins is scheduled for release throughout North America in Q3 2006.

In Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Arthur's heroic battle with the underworld was finally over and the entrance to the realm was sealed. So he thought. Time passes and unknowing to mankind, the dark lord has awaken from his slumber and kidnaps the princess in an effort to conquer the human world. Arthur must set off for the evil forest, the gateway to the underworld, to save the princess from imminent doom and keep the devil as well as his minions at bay. The excitement and intensity of the forerunner continues as our armored hero takes on this new challenge for the sake of humanity.

With the use of a 3D graphics engine , the Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins world comes alive as effects, cutscenes, backgrounds and animations are given more depth and richer detail. Retaining the classic design of the series, several new facets have been created including a broader range of motion and control techniques. Now our hero has the capability to dash, double-jump, shoot up or down in a vertical fashion, grab onto ledges, etc. A new leveling system allows gamers to build up Arthur's skills for more powerful magic abilities and attacks. With the addition of extra lives, death doesn't mean starting from a check point but rematerializing where they left off. Also new to the series is the inclusion of three difficulty modes that will suit every experience level: Novice, Standard and Ultimate. With the introduction of these all-new settings, a wide range of players can now fully enjoy Arthur's daring and unique world.

No longer just a linear experience, Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins has plenty of branching sub-missions that will encourage players to explore their surroundings for a more open-ended experience. Gamers can save their progress along the way and revisit cleared stages at anytime to expose unexplored paths, concealed items or weapons to help conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins boasts the following features:

New features and upgrades for the series –

New 3-D characters and environments enrich the side-scrolling adventure!
New weapons, magic and armor help Arthur overcome difficult challenges
New and improved moves for the heroic Sir Arthur:
Double-jump in mid-air, grab onto ledges and much more
New save feature allows gamers to revisit cleared stages at anytime
New level-up system for more powerful abilities and attacks
New difficulty settings that provide their own unique challenges for every gamer:
Novice – An easier mode for those not familiar with the series
Standard – The default setting for those wanting a challenge
Ultimate – A setting reminiscent of past Ghosts ‘n Goblin titles
Extra lives mean starting where players left off and not at check points
Expansive environments – Five main stages, each with multiple sub-missions, hidden paths and bosses to conquer

Capcom is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment. Founded in 1983, the company has created world renowned franchises including Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry and the Onimusha series. Headquartered in Osaka , Japan , the company maintains operations in the U.S. , United Kingdom , Germany , Tokyo and Hong Kong . More information about Capcom and its products can be found on the company's web site at

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