Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Exclusive Gargamel Figures from Kaiju Taro!!


If you haven't been over to Kaiju Taro, it's definitely worth a look. They focus on Japanese vinyl monsters (Kaiju) and have quite a wide selection including hard-to-get figures from all those cool Japanese toy festivals. You have to be check the site regularly cause new stuff is added daily and be quick on your toes because they don't get that many exclusive figures in, and when they do, they go very, very fast. The only thing that matches the speed of their inventory selling out would be their service. They are located in Japan, but I must have received a figure I purchased two (2)days after I ordered it. That's fast service!! The other really cool thing about their site is that they offer an english version so us folks stateside don't have to copy and paste kanji into Babelfish to get a description. Very nice!

Once you register on the site, you also get sent their "Kaizine" which is their email newsletter. More importantly about the Kaizine is that exclusive toys that are not sold on the normal website can be pre-ordered! Now this is what we really want!


My first opportunity to take advantage of Kaizine's exclusive toys came the other day when I saw that Kaizine is offering for pre-order three exclusive figures! The first two are exclusive colorways from Gargamel featuring a pastel sky blue Zagoran and a easter pink mini zag. The last figure is from Rumble Monsters and features a baby Pharoah whose eye pops out! There is a rumor that Frank Kozik is going to be doing a few custom baby Pharoahs in a few different colorways!



All I can say is check out Kaiju Taro and subscribe to "Kaizine"! Do so quickly and you can still get in on the Gargamel and Rumble Monsters exclusive figures! Pre-Order ends on October 26th!!!

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