Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yamato's New Valkyries Previews

Yamato is coming out with at least four (4) new Valkyries in the next couple of months, so all you hardcore Valkyrie guys better start saving up cause at an average of $150 bucks each, these bad boys are not cheap! We begin with the 1/60 scale VF-0S at around $144 not including overseas shipping due out in April. you can see, no detail is spared. Look at 'ol Roy sitting in the cockpit as pretty as can be! What about the details of the missiles!

Next up we have the 1/48 scale VF-1J Stealth Type due out in May. At $120 not including overseas shipping, this Valkyrie is larger, but costs a bit less. I think it's sports a bit less detailing but I do like the whole "stealth" color scheme going on. "Stealth" really is the new "black".

We then move onto the very interesting camo version: 1/48 scale VF-1A Low Visibility Ver. 2. Not quite as stealthy as the VF-1J and I guess made for when you're flying in the woods or something? Maybe for you're flying above a forest on a straffing run, you don't want those pesky enemies above to see you. Also $120 not including overseas shipping due out in May.

Finally we end this quattro of quirky Valkyries with the extra heavy-duty armor parts for the above forest-stomping VF-1J Low Visibility. I dunno, wearing this suit does not necessarily make you Low Visibility even if you are in camo! I'm not sure why you would need extra armor since you are essentially a walking fighter jet. I mean, they kick ass all by themselves, right? At pretty much the same cost as the VF-1J itself; $97, this suit of armor better be frying up bacon in the middle of them darn woods!

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