Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kaiyodo Revoltech Action Figure Previews!!!

Kaiyodo is coming out with a new line of 6" action figures based on their new "Revoltech" technology which allows an extreme amount of posability through 14 points of articulation. The figures themselves look quite good and will come with a ton of accessories. I myself have just pre-ordered the EVA01 and Dante from CornerstoreComics for around $20 each, but they won't be here until May. I first got a glimpse of Dante from Danny Choo's video at Wonderfest in Japan earlier this year. The footage shows Danny twisting, spinning and bending poor Dante as if he were a break dancer circa 1984! Definitely check out some really interesting video footage of Danny Choo at WonderFest in Japan showing off the extreme articulation of Dante, CLICK HERE

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