Monday, March 13, 2006

Classic 60's Batman and Robin 12" Figure Preview

Originally written and published for Eternal Collector

Classic 60’s Batman and Robin 12”
Exclusive Figure Preview
By Kirkland Jue, toybot studios

I was over at Heroes Club in San Francisco a couple of months ago visiting owner Robin Kwok (and of course purchasing mini figures) when he told me about a new 12” figure set that was being prototyped of Batman & Robin. I immediately thought about the latest movie “Batman Returns” and said: “Wait, Robin wasn’t in Batman Returns”. Robin (Kwok) replied quickly: “No, no, no. I’m talking about the Classic Batman and Robin from the 60’s TV show.”

Flashbacks abruptly filled my head with memories of one of my most beloved childhood shows. I started to chant out loud: Dunna nunna, nunna, nunna, nunnna, nunnnna.....BATMAN!!!! Then the cartoon balloons from the opening credits started to apprear in my head complete with sound effects: “WHAM!!” “BAM!!” “BIFF!!” “SOCK!!” You get the picture. Just thinking about Adam West and Burt Ward in the classic TV series was enough to get me very interested in these new 12” figures.

So here’s the scoop: sculpted by Amina Ng who is one of the most talented urban artists in the world today, only a very small and exclusive run of fifty (50) sets will be made. The set will be available towards the end of March, 2006. Heroes Club will be the only distributor in the United States offering this collector’s must-have, which includes Batman, Robin, Bat Radio and the infamous Batarang for $268.00. When I asked Robin why Amina decided to create 12” figures of the classic version of Batman and Robin, he replied that the original TV show was very, very popular in Asia and that they expect a big demand for this rare set.

Please note that the pictures here are of the prototype only and there will be many minor changes made before full production, which will no doubt be even more authenticate and faithful to the original Dynamic Duo!!! Also note the scale Batmobile shown is in the process of being scratch built by Robin himself and is a custom one-off and not available for purchase with the set (unless of course, you offer Robin enough $$$)

Pre-order your set here: Batman & Robin 60's version The Dynamic Duo (12" customized figure) Note that your credit card will not be charged until your order arrives for delivery.


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