Thursday, March 16, 2006

Super7 Super Exclusive New Toys Preview!!!

Last night I received an email from Super7 co-founder, Brian Flynn. He let me know about some of the new cool toys coming out from Super7 so I thought I would give you guys the sneak peek!

From Brian Flynn, Super7:

"First off, we have a new Secret Base x Balzac x Super7 x Misfits records collaboration of the Secret Base Balzac Paper Bag Man figure. Super7 has an orange bodied version with a black skeleton and a black bag, and in partnership, misfits records has a black version with an orange skeleton and an orange bag. These will be available only in the states in conjunction with the release of the new Balzac record on April 1st. Hiddy has asked me not to release quantities, but suffice to say they are very, very few. The orange version will only be at our store, and the black version will only be at They are $55 each.

Who or what is Balzac??? They are a Japanese Punk Rock / Horror Rock band that is very, very popular. From their official US website Balzac308 "Balzac formed in 1992 in Osaka and began playing shows mainly around Osaka and Tokyo. They released their first single on their own label, `Evil Legend,` in 1993. Following this, through until 1995, they released 4 more singles through HG Fact and MCR, and 1 single through Omnibus. On 10th October 1995, Balzac released their first full length album, `Last Men On Earth` through Alchemy Records and due to their similarity to legendary American punk band, the Misfits, with their unique pop sound, horror movie image concept and so-called `Devil Lock` hairstyle, they gathered attention not only in Japan but also overseas."

Also, April 15th, we will release a custom Super7 version of the Blobpus figure from Japan. Made in our signature Super7 orange and black colors, the Blobpus is made of clear orange vinyl, and has black and silver spray. It will be $75.

In more recent news, we just release the White day version of the Ghostfighter figure (Secret Base x Super7 collaborative figure) on the 14th of March (yesterday). It is a companion piece to the clear pink vinyl Valentine's day Ghostfighter we made last month. White day is a Japanese holiday where girl's give men presents, as opposed to valentine's day where men traditionally give women presents. $50

Also, we just received (and are shipping) the latest issue of Super7, which features a cover story on the Kaws vs. Pushead figure, and a history of all of Pushead's toys to date, as well as articles on Bounty Hunter, Jet Jaguar, Blobpus and Tequila Toys.

In the next month, we have about 10 tees, and four more new toys headed this way, so as soon as that stuff shows up, I will let you guys now."

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