Tuesday, March 28, 2006

MSiA Arms Gallery: Extra Weapons For Your Figures!

If you ever thought the weapons that came with your MSiA mechas were not detailed enough for your finicky tastes, you're in luck because they now have super detailed Gundam and Zeon weapontry so you can show off your robots in style!! Yes, you can think of them as bling! bling! for your toys! At $40 for the set, you betcha these little buggers are bling! bling! That's more than the MSiA figure itself!!! Each weapon is extremely detailed including painting, weathering and some of them even come apart to show that you can reload the magazines! I like the chrome on the Kaempfer shotgun below. Might just have to pick up a set!


Anonymous said...

That ain't chrome, it's bare metal!
You probably know this by now, but most of the weapons have diecast metal parts. Almost all the metal is painted, though.

toybot studios said...

actually, I didn't know these weapons had die-cast parts. that's cool and would explain the high cost. Cool! Makes me want to get a set even more!

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