Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tekken 5 Trading Figure Review and Gallery!!!

Back in December, I previewed this set of Tekken 5 Trading Figures. I pre-ordered them not too long afterwards and they have finally showed up. I was pretty excited about these little buggers as they looked really, really detailed in the photos plus they came with these funky accessories which are meant to emulate the extra items you can unlock in the video game. Pretty neat little treat if you ask me. So they showed up a few days ago and they look every bit as good as they did in the box except for the "color ways" (that's toy speak for color variations). I was expecting the color ways that I saw in the pictures so when Heihachi showed up in this kinda weird greenish/blue colored Gi, I was not happy. The worst offense was Raven who was supposed to come in black, but instead came in this space-age silver outfit which was not cool. The little accessories that came with each figure were pretty cool and showed some interesting diversity. The detail, paint and sculpting is very good so no disappointment there. My only other complaint would be that they don't really stand up that great without their plastic bases, which is not great for taking pictures or group shots. At $44 for the set, it's not a terrible investment as I have seen them much higher than ToyWiz. $7 per mini figure is about right. I certainly have spent more! I can hardly wait for the Soul Caliber figures which I also pre-ordered at the same time and they should be arriving any day now!! Those look great. Keep on checking back for that review and gallery!











Anonymous said...

I've been out of the Tekken scene for a while, but I guess Heihachi's still around. Maybe the next title can be Tekken 6: Rest Home Rumble, featuring Heihachi, Paul, King, and Marshall Law.

Seriously though, that figure of Yoshimitsu is looking pretty fly. He was always my favorite character in the game. Nice photo gallery of the bunch.

toybot studios said...


Thanks Akum6n. I like Yoshimitsu the best as well. I only wish I had him in a different color.

Next week we will have shots of the new Front Mission Trading figures, the latest Zeonography and some urban vinyl including some cool Trexi minis and a dope Qee set Enter the Dragon style! Check it out!

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