Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dr. Slump Aralechan Toy Odyssey

The great thing about Flickr is that you get to see cool toy photographs taken lovingly by their owners. When I see a really nice shot of a toy I might otherwise dismiss, there is a good chance I will want to buy that toy. Case in point is this Dr. Slump Aralechan toy. I have no idea who Dr. Slump is (apparently some cutesy Anime which is probably highly popular). I saw this picture on Flickr from Buddy Rockafeller and because it is such a nice picture and an interesting looking mecha, I decided to Google it and try to buy one for myself.


Well, it happens that this particular toy came out a few years ago and no one has them in stock any longer. Undaunted, I went back to Buddy and asked him if he would be willing to make a trade for this figure cause I had lots of those damn Armored Core Trading Figures lying around gathering dust while I get the energy to post them for sale on eBay. If you read the comments under Buddy's Dr. Slump picture, you will see the actual thread where I beg Buddy and he essentially says, "nope, not interested in selling or trading". Looking back at my pathetic offer, I was even willing to throw in a couple of extra Gundam Ultimate Operation mini figures as well! Man, I guess I really wanted this Dr. Slump figure. I also surmise that Buddy must really like this figure too or he's not really into Armored Core or Gundam mini figures. That's cool. I can see why. This Dr. Slump figure is really detailed as you can see, has this cool orange color and is kinda rare. I wasn't about to give up my search for this figure and a couple of days later, one actually showed up on eBay from a guy in Hong Kong. I set my bid limit pretty high and waited for the news. A few days later, I won the figure for a very reasonable $16.00 with shipping (that would have taken a month), the total would have been about $24.00. Since i'm an impatient bastard, I paid the seller extra to expedite the shipping and all told, I got it within a week from HK for about $30. Did I overpay? For the figure, no. Retail for this thing a couple of years ago was around $13.00. Shipping? Yes, but that's the price you pay when ordering from overseas and when you can't wait. I hope you enjoyed my little Dr. Slump odyssey and even more, I hope you like the gallery! So thanks Buddy for introducing this cool Dr. Slump figure to me!









toybot studios said...

Jun, thanks! We always appreciate a bit of history and background. I didn't know any of that! Keep the comments coming!

Giao Hoang said...

You can buy from for a price of $15 free shipping. There's also a white version of this one but sold out long time ago. That was pretty too.

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