Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dr. Slump Aralechan Toy Odyssey

The great thing about Flickr is that you get to see cool toy photographs taken lovingly by their owners. When I see a really nice shot of a toy I might otherwise dismiss, there is a good chance I will want to buy that toy. Case in point is this Dr. Slump Aralechan toy. I have no idea who Dr. Slump is (apparently some cutesy Anime which is probably highly popular). I saw this picture on Flickr from Buddy Rockafeller and because it is such a nice picture and an interesting looking mecha, I decided to Google it and try to buy one for myself.


Well, it happens that this particular toy came out a few years ago and no one has them in stock any longer. Undaunted, I went back to Buddy and asked him if he would be willing to make a trade for this figure cause I had lots of those damn Armored Core Trading Figures lying around gathering dust while I get the energy to post them for sale on eBay. If you read the comments under Buddy's Dr. Slump picture, you will see the actual thread where I beg Buddy and he essentially says, "nope, not interested in selling or trading". Looking back at my pathetic offer, I was even willing to throw in a couple of extra Gundam Ultimate Operation mini figures as well! Man, I guess I really wanted this Dr. Slump figure. I also surmise that Buddy must really like this figure too or he's not really into Armored Core or Gundam mini figures. That's cool. I can see why. This Dr. Slump figure is really detailed as you can see, has this cool orange color and is kinda rare. I wasn't about to give up my search for this figure and a couple of days later, one actually showed up on eBay from a guy in Hong Kong. I set my bid limit pretty high and waited for the news. A few days later, I won the figure for a very reasonable $16.00 with shipping (that would have taken a month), the total would have been about $24.00. Since i'm an impatient bastard, I paid the seller extra to expedite the shipping and all told, I got it within a week from HK for about $30. Did I overpay? For the figure, no. Retail for this thing a couple of years ago was around $13.00. Shipping? Yes, but that's the price you pay when ordering from overseas and when you can't wait. I hope you enjoyed my little Dr. Slump odyssey and even more, I hope you like the gallery! So thanks Buddy for introducing this cool Dr. Slump figure to me!









Anonymous said...

If Im not wrong, this Dr Slump figure is actually another one of Dragonball's artiste Aikra Toriyama's works. Except that its not called Dr Slump in Singapore but rather Professor IQ. Infact, one of the early DBZ movies included her in for that comic crossover effect.

toybot studios said...

Jun, thanks! We always appreciate a bit of history and background. I didn't know any of that! Keep the comments coming!

Anonymous said...

Dr.Slump video animation

Giao Hoang said...

You can buy from for a price of $15 free shipping. There's also a white version of this one but sold out long time ago. That was pretty too.

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