Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Votoms Action Figures Previews

I have to admit something: I'm now a Votoms fan. I know I wrote a post a little while ago mentioning that Votoms reminded me of a fire hydrant. However, in the same post, I mentioned that Votoms were growing on me. My next two Votoms purchases have turned me around completely. The first was a set of Votoms mini figures with six different mechas included. The second was the set of tiny little transforming votoms that also featured different mechas as well.

Now that i'm a votoms fan, i'm happy to announce that Max Factory is coming out with an action figure of the Votom Bloodsucker which is one of my favorite and one of the best looking Votoms with it's black color but more importantly, those two bright red spikes on his shoulder. This new Votoms "Bloodsucker" Action figure is going to be released by Max Factory in the June timeframe for around $50! I've already pre-ordered mine from BigBadToyStore

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