Friday, March 24, 2006

New CI Boys "Robo Kindengarten" Series Preview!!!

The latest from our cutie-pie little CI Boys is the "Robo Kindengarten" series which features old skool mecha from our childhood. For some of you young bucks, you might not remember them at all. See if you can identify all of them!

Check 'em out before everyone else does by going to eBay and looking up TallTallcat Shop!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen or picked up any of the Gundam x Ci-Boys figures? They look pretty neat, but seem to be hard to find online, outside of open box sales.

toybot studios said...

hey akum6n,

you mean these guys?

check out talltallcat shop on eBay. He should have them, but they will be open box for identification purposes. I hate blind assortments cause you never know which ones you will get.

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