Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 3 Mini Figures Coming Soon!!!

I've got a running love affair with this little Ultimate Operation figure series beginning back a few in December with this post that began the whole addiction. It's true as Robin Kwok owner of Heroes Club told me when I first met him that "Once you start collecting mini figures, you cannot stop..." You have to shake your head side to side like you're describing a drug habit. It's bad and it's expensive (albeit not as expensive as a drug habit). I followed up my initial post on Gundam UOP with a Gallery showing you some interesting shots with my new Canon 350D. The good thing about toys, is that they are always making more to buy. So when I saw Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 3 in HLJ's pre-order section a while back, I must have ordered a set and forgot about it. I then was reminded of the set in Hobby Japan so that when I went back to HLJ to see when they were arriving, I saw that HLJ had them as "Discontinued" by Bandai. This was wierd because they had just barely been released in March, 2006. Either not remembering that I had a pre-order in or just thinking that I wouldn't be able to get them any longer from HLJ, I went out on eBay to see if I could find a set. I did find a set in Hong Kong for like $50 and it should be here in a week or so. Then the funny thing happened, when HLJ sent me an email saying my Gundam Ulimate Operation set had been shipped. So now I have double purchased the same set! It's OK as I have lots of extra mini figures lying around that I have been meaning to post on eBay. I'm ready to start making moolah with mini figures!! I've even got my toybotstudios eBay ID all ready. All I need to do is take some more pictures and figure out how this whole selling on eBay thing works. Hopefully you guys will make it easy on me and just buy everything up right away. Just so you know I will be selling Armored Core, Gundam Ulimate Operation and some Akira mini figures to start. I don't really plan on going into the whole toy selling thing as i'm too lazy and I think the margins might be too thin. You really need volume like Anime King! Anyways, here's a sneak peek at Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 3 Mini Figures coming!

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toybot studios said...

cool. I will be putting them up individually on eBay in the next week or so. i'll post a link to my eBay listing from toybot studios.

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