Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Custom Trexi's: HOT!!!

Here's a compilation of cool custom Trexi's from some of the hippest fashionista urban hipster artistas these days. If you haven't already checked it out, see more of this kind of urban vinyl yumminess at that ultra hip site: Vinyl Pulse cause that's where these pictures and descriptions came from!

P-80 Mighty is a 10 inch custom Trexi by PhuEk that will make its way to the Trexi Invasion show at Toy Qube which opens on March 17th. PhuEk known for his detailed astronaut customs brings us another space traveler with a twist. This custom rugged mecha Trexi carries a "real" astronaut waiting to be launched. I love the machine gun hand and the detailed jet pack on its back. If this is any indication of what is to be at the show, it is going to be a mighty awesome one!!

The 10 inch Trexi Show at Toy Qube New York is drawing close and photos of certain customs have been floating around for weeks. I thought it may be easier for you folks if we gathered the eye popping designed Trexis for one quick and easy reference. First up, Ultraman's sleek Tin Robot and his little friend. Just take a look at his shiny coat of armor and those "alive"!!!

Check out this Winson Classic custom Trexi done by Winson Ma of Winson Creations. The 10 inch toy is loaded with creativity but it is his 3-inch counterpart that steals the show. The ape explorer...hummm....Planet of the Apes?

Cameron Tiede is well known for his whimsical, colorful and playful characters. His toy designs are always perfectly executed and never fail to bring the kid out of all of us. Just take a look at his 10 inch Trexi, Tighty Whighty Flighty, and if you are wondering what his hands say....well, Eat Beef!!!

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