Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Soul of Chogokin Getter Dragon, Liger and Poseidon Review and Gallery

I have been waiting for this set to come out since before Christmas. In fact, it was on my Christmas List if you might remember, you heartless bastards! Thanks for nothing! Luckily, I decided to take things into my own hands. I have been waiting to see if the prices were going down after the initial release, but most reasonable online retailers were putting them out at $59 each. Not a bad price. Good for a die cast SOC. Some guys are trying to gauge the public by charging up to $99 each! So when I saw the set of three (3) for $160 at Anime King on eBay (again), I decided to bite the bullet and get these bad boys in da house. Glad I did, because nothing satisfies the toy cravings like die-cast and especially when it comes to the entree of choice, Soul of Chogokin! This is not the die-cast you might remember as a kid. SOC is in a league in it's own and if I could afford to buy every SOC ever made, I might. Well, probably not because there are some SOC's that I just don't really care for. Anyways, this set holds a bit of nostalgia for me as when I was a kid, I wanted all manner of Getter Dragon toys. One of my best childhood memories was a birthday around the age of 7, 8, 9...somewhere in there when I got the Getter headquarters, secret base thing which was quite large, but it came with all the Getter vehicles and I was the envy of all the kids. It was really cool and i'm sure it wasn't cheap - even back then.

No, this set of Getter's does not transform into the vehicles, but all the bottoms and tops are interchangable so you could make a variety of different Getter Robots if you like. Details like Getter Dragon's dual axes, Poseidon's cyclone collar, and Liger's Flower missile pod with chain are really interesting and very detailed. The way I look at SOC is that I almost spend $50 on Fix Figuration or Zeonography, so why not go a bit larger and get Die Cast? Sweet, shiny, lovely die-cast?? I would highly recommend this set to anyone into mecha and all you Getter fans probabably already own them!


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toybot studios said...

yeah, these guys are not cheap. $160 USD for the set is a lot of cheddar, yo.

But nothing beats the feel of die-cast and especially Soul of Chogokin die-cast. As you know, great construction, perfect toys.

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