Friday, March 24, 2006

Lucky Toy Find Part III: Banpresto "Light Up" Zeons!!!

On my last visit to Anime King, I came up with another Lucky Toy Find. It was this set of 3 Zeon figures including Dom, Gouf and Zaku III. They are not really toys as they don't have any articulation. More like statues if you will, that are nice painted, detailed and weathered. I'm a big Dom fan so that was easy, the Gouf is always welcome in my house, but the green Zaku III with the huge axe was the kicker! Of course, the real draw is the fact that the beady red eye on each figure lights up!!! I love it!! Normally, this wouldn't be enough, but it makes for some awesome and moody photography. Don't they look like they are ready to go into battle? A bargain at $32 for the set of three!!! Click HERE to go right to the product page! Check 'em out. While you're at it, see the other two light up Zeon sets below available at Anime King!


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