Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Panda-Z Hamugear and BlackHam Missing Pictures

I took these shots a while ago and forgot to post them. In another example of a good toy photograph making one want to go out and buy the subject matter, is this Panda-Z Hamugear. I would never, ever have bought this figure on my own, but when I saw it on Flickr buddy peppered's photo gallery, I decided to post a blog about Hamugear as well as buy these two figures. When I was looking for Hamugear, everyone was all out of the Yellow version, so I had to get the Grey version. But apparently Yellow is back in and sites like, where I bought these two, have the Yellow version as well as the elusive Black Ham piloted by the sinister Dr. Jagarly! Enjoy the shots. This was supposed to be a quick follow-up post to the original Panda-Z article waaaay back in...gulp...November!

Gundam Ultimate Operation 026



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