Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Streetfighter Minimates Review and Gallery!!!

It seems like I pre-ordered these little suckers ages ago! I realize now that I did! Originally pre-ordered way back when they were first announced in October, these little guys finally showed up! What can I say about minimates??? I love 'em!! I could eat them by the spoonfull! They are tiny, don't cost that much, but have tons of character and don't take up a lot of space! They are the toy equivalent to potato chips: once you've had one, you can't stop yourself from buying more! Cousin to the Japanese Kubrick, the Minimate are American in design, but both are made in China of course. Minimates are well known in the Marvel Universe for the much acclaimed Marvel Minimate series so it's refreshing to see them pick up rights to the Streetfigher and Darkstalker series from Capcom! Minimates are slightly smaller, yet more detailed than Kubricks in my opinion. They also have a bit more articulation as they flex in the knees and elbows which make for much better photography posing! I'm still waiting with great anticipation for my Streetfighter Series 2 Minimates to show up!!!


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