Thursday, March 09, 2006

Toy Photographer Spotlight: Edward Lee

I know I keep going on about Flickr, but this interesting photo site has several things going for it: 1. Easy to use 2. Friendly community 3. Lots of feedback 4. Groups 5. Tags 6. toys I would never see 7. Great photographers. There are a TON of great photographers on Flickr. There are also many, many great TOY photographers on Flickr, so I decided to dedicate some upcoming posts to the really interesting toy photographers I have had the pleasure of meeting on Flickr. These guys are from all over the world, so you get a sense of really "meeting" people you would probably never otherwise meet on Flickr. We all share the love of interesting imagery and everyone I have met has been very helpful with tips of the trade as well as being very supportive of one's work. I'm not really one to get caught up in these "community" websites, butI have gained a lot by being a member of the Flickr community: I have seen many, many cool toys and some of them, I have even purchased as a result of seeing a cool image on Flickr. I also truly believe that my photography has greatly benefited from all the ideas, suggestions and tips from Flickr buddies.

The first Flickr buddy I would like to spotlight is a guy named Edward Lee. His mastery of lighting, Photoshop, and composition allow him to make his subjects appear almost lifelike. His use of colored lights prompted me to go out and buy a bunch of lights, but as you can see, Edward is really in a league of his own. When I see one of his pictures, I think that Edward must be doing professional work for either the toy company or the movie that depict his toys. Edward, if you're not doing this professionally, you should consider it! The amazing thing is that according to Edward, all these shots are taken with a Sony T1 point and shoot camera! My hat is off to you Edward. Great toy photography! Well, a picture speaks a thousand words, so enjoy the work of Edward Lee!

Cloud & Fenrir

Cloud & Fenrir

Cloud & Fenrir

Cloud Strife



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Edward Elric

Edward Elric



Unknown said...

brilliant stuff definitely. lots to learn from him

RiP666 said...

its made toys alive

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