Monday, March 06, 2006

Max Toy Company Launches New Toy Line!!

I'm very pleased to announce to the toybot studios readers that Mark Nagata of Super7 fame, who also owns the largest Ultraman collection in the universe and finally the subject of toybot studio's first ever blog has started his very own toy company called Max Toy Company. He has also just released his first vinyl toy of the Kaiju Gumos. Check out this coverage from the cool dudes who have their thumb on the pulse of the vinyl scene:

Desciription from vinylpulse (cause i'm a lazy bastard):

"Max Toy Co. presents its first toy, an exclusive glow-in-the-dark colorway of the kaiju Gumos vinyl by Dream Rockets and Shono Kikaku. This is one is sick limited -- just 20 numbered pieces packaged in the traditional bag and header board packaging. Max Toy Co. is Mark Nagata's, the founder of Super7, new endeavor focused on producing distinctive toys inspired by the Japanese Kaiju and retro toy traditions. Want to buy one before they vanish into thin air? You can order directly from Mark by sending Paypal to They are $65 + $10 for shipping. California residents should add 8.5% sales tax. Good luck scoring the insectoid Gumos GID vinyl."

Mark is also working on a very interesting vinyl Kikaider figure as well! From Max Toy Company's website:

"Here's a sneak peek at a very special project Max Toy Company is working on ! For the first time in over 30 years and officially licensed from Toei and Ishimori Pro and JN Productions / Generation Kikaida .... Max Toy Company will soon unveil a retro style soft vinyl figure of Kikaida !

Shown here is the wax sculpt of Kikaida's head. We'll be posting more information as the project progresses... so stay tuned !"

Mark, congratulations on a lifetime dream being fullfilled! Best of luck on your new company. Were looking forward to some great toys coming from Max Toy Company!!!

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