Monday, March 20, 2006

Show Cars from CES 2006, Las Vegas

This post is better late than never. Guys who like toys like cool cars, right? right! If you think about it, cars are just really toys anyways. These pics are from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. These cars are all representing the mobile audio and video technology advancements made in the last year. It was pretty crazy seeing all these cars and thinking about the investment of time and energy involved!

The interesting story behind two of the cars pictured below is that a few weeks prior to the CES show, I was watching this show called "Rides" on cable. It's kinda like American Chopper but for cars and it's actually quite good. This particular episode featured two build teams from last years CES show including the Pioneer Car Audio Team vs. the Alpine Car Audio Team. The show detailed the entire process which takes a bit less than a year and as you can imagine it's a great matter of pride. So it was really cool when I went to this year's CES show and instantly recognized Troy Sumitomo from FiveAxis Models which heads up the crew responsible for the Pioneer car below.

The car itself is based on a Scion but 75% of the body has been fabricated from fiberglass. Every show car has to have a gimick to show off all the cool audio and video gear and Troy did not disappoint. The hood pops open to reveal a 42" plasma tv mounted to the underside of the hood which is hooked up to an XBOX 360. There are actually three(3) XBOX 360 in the car total. But the gimick is that you pull off the real steering wheel and replace it with a video game steering wheel so that you are driving in the video game literally from the driver's seat! Troy also installed two other monitors in the back that pop up and each feature their own XBOX 360! Troy was totally cool and spent some time with us explaining how he put the whole thing together even showing us some pictures during the build process.

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