Friday, December 29, 2006

World Hobby Festival 2006 Gallery from Kaiju Taro

Those crazy guys at Kaiju-Taro returned recently from WHF 2006 which I think stands for World Hobby Festival, but I could be wrong. If so, i'm sure someone will correct me. Looks like some good stuff was at hand. Wish I could have been there to pick up some of the goodies. Pictures courtesy of Kaiju-Taro. Unfortunately, any of the toys that KT did get in sold out very, very quickly. But click on the link, browse around, there is plenty of cool toys to buy. Bookmark the site and go back everyday to see if something new and fresh has arrived!


New RealxHead Bigaros Colorway! I like it!
whf04 about slightly controversial! Ultraman on the Cross! Maybe Ultraman is the real Son of God! What would that make Mark Nagata?

More Skull Toys. I want some more colorways of those mini's!!

EXOHEAD's New Figure Due out in 2007. Some kind of Skeleton Lobster guy. I'll probably buy it just cause it's EXOHEAD, but not quite sure what to make of it right now

Re-release of a couple of favorite TTToys Grus in Pink and Blue!! Yay!!!

New Marmit Target Earth figure. I like the clear vinyl!!

New Figures from TTToys. Lil Carrot I think?


Real x Head x Ichibanboshi collaboration. Proto on the left. NFS. Clear black with pleather eye patch available, but pricey on YJA now. Very cool. More colorways!!

More Real x Head. Mimeko Cyclops Cat you see in every Sushi joint. Hybiki Flavored Chaos


And finally, here's how they distributed all 1,000 of those damn Gachamon mini figures that I still don't have in my possession!! Supposedly sold out within a few minutes...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Hey, I've been thinking about getting into toy photography. I wanted to know what kind of camera do you use? Thanks for your help! If I can get a nice camera, I'll be sure to share the pics somehow!


toybot studios said...

I use a Canon Rebel XT aka Canon 350D. However the key is the lense. I use a Canon 60mm Macro Lense. I also have a 10-22mm Super Wide Angle Lense for shows or toy stores. Good luck with your new hobby! It's fun and can be quite gratifying. let me know if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your help, man! Thank you and I will.


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