Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Hybrid Skuttles from OneUp!!!


OneUp is accepting pre-orders for two new Skuttles: Hybrid Purple and Hybrid Black versions. They look interesting with the clear green head and limbs. They come with the new Alpha claws which are a definite improvement. Also new is the shell design. It now has these crossbones sticking out which I think adds a bit more style. The two variants show the belly and forearms in either black or purple. I think i'm a bit torn on the whole colorway, but still ended up ordering the Hybrid Purple version.




Also interestingly is that apparently the factory painted the eyes the wrong color on the Hybrid Purple versions. They came back this orange color and should be blue. I'm not sure exactly what is going to happen but it sounded like they might be sending out two heads? I kinda like the orange eyes as it gives it a little contrast pop! Having two heads would be cool too since it's mistakes like these that make for a really good story and rare figure!



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Anonymous said...

wow this toy really looks cute!!!

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