Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dr. Bao and NVC Crew Slay It with Custom Afro Samurai!!!


Dr. Bao and Spive of the now legendary NVC Crew absolutely kill it with this custom Dunny of Afro Samurai which is based on a new anime coming out on Spike TV produced and voiced by Samuel L. Jackson!!! How dope is this anime going to be? Check out this trailer:

Want more? Go to the official Afro Samurai site and check out video of the first fight where we witness the seeds of revenge being planted in young Afro's big head...

Dr. Bao dropped me another kind note detailing the creation of their latest custom. Will someone please get these guys a solo art show? I would like to see all of their work in one place at the same time! Don't you think it's about time? C'mon! Dr. Bao and Spive continue to outshine themselves on each new custom project! Check out the details, check out the environment!! This is probably one of my favorite NVC Crew customs...


The Afro Samurai project started when I was in a library store looking for buying a magazine and I fall on this mag with the Afro Samurai on the cover.....I take a look at it.....and I was like....hey we have absolutely do this project....

It simply have all the elements that we like....First the warrior concept.....It's something that we always like since Spive and myself been into Chinese contempory Wushu and tradional kung0fu before that for now almost 8 it's simply normal for us to like anything related to martial arts and warriors. Next....we're just big fans of Wu Tang Clan......and the guy behind the soundtrack of this animation will be RZA it's obvious that it inspires even more!!!! So after bringing Shaolin vs Wu Tang earlier this comes the afro Samurai!!!

Next thing was that's not any's the Afro Samurai!!!!!! I'm just a big fan of funk and you know these back in the days guy with big I'm like.....ohhhhhhh now we have something to work on!!!


So everything was there to make us very inspired to start this thing.....The only thing was to find the time to do before someone else is doing it......So I was suppose to take a break after the Gwin SAGA project....but the day after we send the Gwin to Octobertoys, we start the Afro Samurai project!!!

This custom wasn't easy since there's some elements that was very hard to realize....first thing was the face of the character...I just want to sculpt it because I think there's some very nice lines in the face of the character thatgives him personnality...So I was like...I have to sculpt this thing and not only painting....Sculpting just give 10000% more depth and is much more fun to look when you look the character in all the angles. Challenge was to make this face on a 2'' Dunny!!!!! Man I was just so no one saw a black an in the face except Spive at the beginning!!!


The afro was hard to make too since the way he is draw by the always looks like if he has wind in his head waving some of his's just the same thing for his samurai headband. The other challenge was to find a balance point so he doesn't fall in front since all the weight is in front!!!!

This custom doesn't have lots of's more big details that gives the character it's personnality and that's what we tried to reproduce. We just want to give him a stylish look with lots of attitude!!!



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Anonymous said...

Dr. Bao and NVC Crew have done it again! I agree, a solo show for this talented 'crew' is long overdue. The best customizers in the business!!!

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