Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bwana Spoon's New Custom Bats and Upcoming Toys!!


Must be winter in Oregon cause Bwana is cranking out not only a couple of rad, new Gargamel toys, but also this quartet of custom Steven the Bats!! Check out this painting for his upcoming trio of mini Bakobasos titled "Volcano Sunset": This will be ready by the end of the month, and I will open up pre-orders as soon as i have some good pics of the toys. 3 mini bakobas (Gargamel toy with bwana colorway eh)in sexy Hawaiian colors packed with this print, and nestled inside a big M1 egg. Awesome!!

The custom Steven the Bats are numbered and hand-painted. They can be yours for Christmas for only $200 each at Grass Hut Corp.










Lastly, but most important, check out this all new, exclusive collaboration with Gargamel: The beginning of a long dream comes true for me. My first toy with Gargamel, "killer" is scheduled for release at the end of January. Since I go my very first taste of the candy gumdrop looking toys a few years ago from Gargamel I have been freaking out. The smooth lines and ripples, the spray, and all those Jolly Rancher sweet colors. Here is the first sneak at my new baby Killer. I will try to get out weekly updates on his progress. Will see how it goes. Thanks. Bwana.


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