Friday, December 15, 2006

New Gargamel Pics and Previews Plus Skulltoys!!


Just a couple of previews coming your way. First up is the upcoming full color Mini Smogun from Super 7 x Gargamel. It pays homage in sculp and color to the original IKB Smogun Kaiju. What is it?? It's a Smog Monster made of tires with a car as a head! How cool is that? It comes in clear orange vinyl with metallic blue spray and will be sold exclusively at Super 7.


Next up we have two new colorways of the Skull Toys Mini Figures: Glow in the Dark and Clear. I'm still waiting to my first set of Skull Toys Mini Figures so these two will be a welcome addition to the gang.

Finally we have some shots of my new Max Toy Co. Gargamel Mini Zag and Biskup Mini Dragamel. They are both completely awesome!!!!



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