Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Super 7 Exclusive Gargamel Smogun Releases!!


This Saturday, December 23rd, Super 7 will release it's exclusive colorway of Gargamel's latest Smogun figure. It's about 5 inches tall and comes in a clear orange vinyl with metallic blue spray. The colorway is not only in Super 7 signature orange, but also a throw-back to the original and very rare IKB Smogun design and colorway pictured below. BTW, these guys will cost you $5,000 each of you can find them! Thanks to Pogue for the pic from his trip to Japan a few months back. To see more toys that you prolly will never own, check out Pogue's thread here on Skullbrain


I had the pleasure of checking out the Super 7 Smogun first hand and all I can say is: Wow! It really came out nice! At $40 each, a great deal so get to Super 7 this Saturday at 11am or goto the online store or call! Do something!


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