Friday, December 01, 2006

Sneak Peek at Kozik's New Usagi-Gon Figure: Gamera Fucked a Bunny


Frank Kozik was nice enough to let me post up these pics of his upcoming Usagi-Gon figure. Thoughtfully described as "Gamera Fucked a Bunny" by Isaac over at Super7. The first colorway will be due out in around 4-6 weeks from now and then he will release a new colorway every other month for all of 2007. It will be around 5-6 inches tall and be "nice and chubby" as he put it. If you imagine that the figure will probably be at least 4-5 inches wide, this thing is not that small. Imagine a small pineapple... The price has yet to be determined, but around $80 each. The exact colorways are not totally decided, but Kozik mentioned something like the following:

1. Blue and Silver 1954 Godzilla pattern
2. Green and White 1954 Godzilla pattern
3. Glow in the Dark and Orange
4. Three different clear colors
5. Metallic Chrome or Suspended Aluminum

I asked R.J. Reynolds Poster Child Frank where his signature Cigarette was. Nothing could be more fitting than a fire-breathing kaiju rabbit that smokes! Unfortunately, the Gargamel sculpt masters in Japan are apparently part of a secret Non-smokers right group and told Kozik that it would be very difficult to incorporate a cigarette. I dunno, if the guys in China can do it for the one inch Labbits, Gargamel should be able to find a way to make a cigarette for Usagi-Gon!!! Frank told me just to stab a hole in his mouth and put a real cigarette in there and stop complaining.

I'm really looking forward to this figure. The size is just right, although the price seems a bit high. We will have to wait to see what the first colorway looks like. I'm most looking forward to the clears - especially the clear purple!



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