Thursday, December 14, 2006

NVC Crew's Gwintastic Customs!!!


Dr. Bao and Spive are at it again with another set of Gwintastic Customs for October Toys!!! I like how the duo which make up the NVC Crew are spreading the custom love to a wide variety of different toys. I'm still waiting to see them do a custom Japanese Vinyl toy!!! Cyborg Mini Zag Dr. Bao?

Dr. Bao dropped me a note with some background on their creative genius behind their latest project:

So....hey here's an update of our recent project.... You that look like a fan of mecha and robot will probably dig on our latest project....!!!!!! For this project, we worked for octobertoys.....We will be their December artist of the month.

So they send to us......their 3 or 4'' Gwin......I don't know if you ever see these toys but they are quite small..... But the hard thing about these toys is that they are just very hard to work with!!!! All the shapes are quite hard to deal with....


We've decided that we will do a series of ........ohhhh....think you wil like this world.....!!!!cyborg S.W.A.T team Gwin....I think the shapes and the concept of pingouin are perfect to do something ike that....So we started to custom them....but what we want to do was to do something that will not look like any other robots of kind of robots-soldiers that other artists did in the custom industry...... We just want to give that special look to our cyborg......The kind of " we're totally space!!!!" :)





But hey, one day I have one of these crazy idea!!!!!!!! I called him..........I go hey remember that we're the December artist of the month hey let's do something related to Christmas!!!!! And I add....let's do the Grinch!!!!! That's how I came up with the ideas of making the Grinch...... So I sculpt all the faces of the Grinch on the belly of the gwin. Then I decided to modify the head of the gwin so it looks like a Santa Claus hat......I decided not to add the "white stuff" (i don't know how you call it!!!!) on the mouth of the gwin so peole can still recognize that I use a gwin and custom it. If I would add this thing, it will look so much like the grinch that people will say that I only sculpt a grinch and won't recognize that it's a custom anymore.....


Dr.Bao's The Gwinch and Mr. Lunatiq will be on ebay for auction and the money will be given to a charity organism. We choose to give the funds to an association for people having Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. I have a daughter that has the syndrome so it's a cause that I support.

I think that the Gwinch concept really fits perfectly with the holiday time and everythting simply fits so well together.....from the the custom to the title. It can even be bought and give as a Christmas's just the perfect timing for that!!! Because it will be auctioned and the starting price is quite low, I think it's a good chance for people to have a piece from us........for not much!!!!!

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