Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Limited Edition Ogon Skullman


The latest collaboration from Secret Base x Misfits x Mike Giant x Super 7 are two very cool, and very pimp versions of the Skullman!!! The Misfits version is a black Skullman with gold bones and the Super 7 version is a gold skullman with black bones. Each comes fitted with a cape and scepter that even the crowd on "Pimps Up, Ho's Down" would appreciate!!

You can order the Misfits version now from Here for $90 and the Super 7 version can be pre-ordered from Here for $90 as well.



The pimp himself, Hiro approves of the Super 7 version!



Actually, despite the pimp-daddy style, the Ogon Skullman is modeled after the Ogon Bat character from the 1930's. Supposedly he is the first Japanese Superhero. From International Hero: Created by Takeo Nagamatsu. His appearance in the 1930's apparently makes him the first Japanese superhero. He was turned into a manga by Osamu Tezuka, then in 1966 became a live-action movie character with Hirohisa Nakata in the lead role. A year later an anime version which lasted 52 episodes was made. His voice in the anime was provided by Osamu Kobayasha. In 1972 a humorous tokusatsu version was made, called Ougon Batto Ga Yattekuru (The Golden Bat is Coming), where Ogon Bat was portrayed as being fat and incompetent. In 1992 a low-budget Korean movie,Young-guwa hwanggeum bakjwi (Yong Gu and the Golden Bat), was made with the character.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

surreal. He looks like a freakin' mummy! It'd be funny if every time he saved someone--and say, had to fly them to safety--they would scream and cry from fright and disgust!

Kind of reminds me of Garada. thanks for the background info.

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