Monday, December 04, 2006

EXOHEAD Namesakes


I thought it was so cool that EXOHEAD named his latest Skull Rex figures after Marc Bolan from the 70's rock band T-Rex that it got me curious as to whom his other EXOHEAD figures were named after. So I dropped a note to EXOHEAD and he replied back very quickly to thank me, let me know he sometimes even reads toybot studios, and that his other figures are named after the following:

Man Machine 102 "Greg" is named after Greg Graffin, lead vocals of Bad Religion



Man Machine 102 "Andy" is named after the ill-fated Andy from EXOHEAD's favorite movie Dawn of the Dead



Lastly, Man Machine 103 "Iggy" is named of course, after the iconic Iggy Pop!



I'm still waiting for my EXOHEAD Skull Rex to arrive at Super7 so I'm looking forward to adding to my EXOHEAD collection. Did you know that EXOHEAD figures have naked women embedded in their helmets??!! Check out the sneak peak of an all new EXOHEAD toy. Looks crazy!! I can hardly wait to see more!!



Anonymous said...

I'm waiting, too. Those things sold out like hotcakes (or okonomiyaki, I suppose) on KT.

toybot studios said...

My Skull Rex set just showed up from KT!! Yay! Pictures to follow...

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