Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dehara's Chibi Menta Sets!!


Artist and extremely limited production toy maker Dehara may be an acquired taste for some. I remember when I saw my first Dehara figure. It was this woman who was cut almost in half and you could see all the bones and organs exposed as if someone with a Samurai sword had sliced her down the middle. It was interesting, very odd, yet colorful. I must have picked up that damn figure another 3 or 4 times to check it out. Another very un-PC figure would be the Morlon who is clearly well-endowed and likes to express his sexuality right on his T-shirt! Finally there is the Yakuza gang member about to take a hot bath in his undies with what looks to be razor cuts all over his body. Possibly an inpiration from the film Ichi the Killer? There is something very unsettling about his work, yet whimsical at the same time. We will prolly do another post on the expanded works of Dehara, but for now, a very easy way to get into his artwork is to check out this set of Chibi Mentas. These guys are tiny, cute, simple and odd. They are probably less than an inch tall, somewhat crudely painted, yet satisfying to hold and look at. $40 for the set. I just bought mine at TokyoCube but they might be out now! Looks like he's released at least two of these little Chicklets sized goodness! Drop me a note if you see any of the other sets for sale somewhere!










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