Monday, December 11, 2006

World Character Convention 23 in Japan!!!


Got these pics from the man himself Daigo Murata at Kaiju Taro as they were checking out all the Japanese Vinyl yumminess at the World Character Convention in Japan a few days ago. All I know is that there is a lot of stuff that I want! Couple of highlights and lowlights: Highlights would have to include the Gotchamon Collaboration Mini Figure set that will be released on December 23rd. Datadub reports that there will be 1,000 figures total with only 10 of each figure painted. The rest will either be clear red or clear red with glitter. Click on each figure HERE to see the clear red and glitter variants.

Other highlights would be a strong showing from Real x Head which released it's "Slime" green set as well as a very interesting clear with gold and frost highlights!!


This Slime Green set reminds me of my mother's Jade. It will be available at Super 7 here in the states, but can also be found now on eBay and Yahoo! Japan Auctions quite readily.



Lowlights would have to include this crazy story from Alice about these professional "Flippers" that hire homeless people to wait in line to buy rare toys! They do this because you can only get one figure per person. In this picture, you see the Flipper Master show pictures of which figure the homeless guy needs to buy! How insane these homeless guys must think that they are getting paid to stand in line to buy a toy that costs about the same as a week's worth of food for them! Check out the rest of the pics and the story over at Skullbrain



Fudge Version Maverasu from Cronic



New Cronic Sculp:





Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been following your post on Japanese and sort-of Japanese vinyl. Such small figures for so much money! I guess I have to admit that I don't "get it". Please, tell me what the deal is with this vinyl wallet draining craze! What makes them so special? It's understandable that vintage vinyl would hold some considerable value for a number of reasons, but new stuff doesn't seem to strike a cord with me. Though appealing, the new vinyl is just too pricey. I feel like it hasn't paid it's due and the whole hype is just young entrapeneurs in their heyday. Please help me out with this--see the beauty or significance that maybe you and others do. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and to add...the "young entrapenuers in their heyday" thing...What I really feel is that they are just riding on the coat-tails of the originals' past success; a success that maybe even the originals didn't see because much of the money is in the aftermarket now. I either totally understand what I'm seeing or I don't have a clue, and you seem to know a lot about it. Please school me. Thanks


toybot studios said...

Hi JI,

I know exactly how you feel. If you look at my posts before June of this year, you will see I am really a mecha and mini figure collector. I like the newer die-cast Japanese toys and mini figures. I was never into this new Japanese vinyl until recently catching the bug.

The first time I saw the Secret Base Ghostfighter at Super7, I have to admit that I also couldn't understand the appeal at all. For the same amount of money, I could buy a die-cast Soul of Chogokin figure!

I think the turning point for me was when I actually got a hold of one of these figures. There is something about the vinyl itself that just creates this sense to want to collect more and more.

My suggestion is that if you're curious about the appeal of New Japanese vinyl, buy one and put it on your desk for a few days and see what happens! Be careful! You might get addicted and be in the same boat I am! actually, you are better off not getting into Japanese vinyl. Your wallet, bank account, credit cards, marriage, etc. will be better off in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I'll take your advice...I was afraid it might be one of those "duuude, you gotta try one" situations,heh. OK, I'll bite :-) Seeing one for myself would be fair before coming to any conclusions. I've been holding out for a Fewture Black Getter to come through for a reasonable price, but you can probably guess how that's going, haha! I'm in the mood for something interesting.
What's a good place to start? you know, nice selection, good service, quality, (price)?

I really appreciate your response! Thank you!


toybot studios said...

well, an easy way is to go to and check out the fine selection of Gargamel, Secret Base or Real x Head. These are the 3 main new japanese vinyl brands. Do a search on eBay for these toys as well. Lots of good stuff out there right now as people are selling for Holiday fundz. I would also check out to learn more about this genre of Japanese toys.

it's all good. btw, I love the Fewture Black Getter Ryoma. Anything around $500 is a deal. The Anime version can be had for around a hundy...the limited bloody version for around $180...

let me know what you end up getting Black Getter wise.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the recommendations. I will keep you posted on the Black Getterness in my life, as well as my vinyl wallet-buster findings ;-)

--ji or "g"

Anonymous said...

"I'm Brian Flynn, and I approve this message."

Seriously, though, this post got me thinking about why I started collecting vinyl figures. (Oh, I know why- it's because I read this blog.) I never was really into kaiju or vinyl- always thought it was kind of cheapey looking. I was- and am still- into the PVC, ABS, and die-cast big-robot stuff- Fewture Getter rocks, btw. (I have Fewture Mazinger 1901- hot damn!) I think what it comes down to is that vinyl is a much more artistic medium. The way some of those guys manipulate spray and clear vinyl- they're like little art pieces (which justifies the price, right?).

So yeah, another convert here. Cool subtopic- we should bring this up at skullbrain.

toybot studios said...


I think that's a very realistic way to look at actually quite affordable 3D artwork! When you put it that way, even $200 for a piece of art doesn't seem that bad at all, right?!!

One thing I will admit: after collecting Japanese toys for 17 years (plus my childhood stint), I was never this crazy about action figures or die-cast. There is something to the very limited nature of each of these figures in all these different colorways that compels one to keep on collecting...

Anonymous said...

You guys bring up some interesting points--and I can't deny the artistic merit of the vinyl scene (well some aspects of it) But it starts to look a bit redundant after a while and begins to lose its novelty. What's worse is when they don't paint something and jack up the price. I think I'd be totally down if the scene didn't take itself so seriously. I mean, people gotta eat, but damn. how much does it cost to make a 4inch vinyl figure with three spots of paint--and sometimes, of a character they didn't create? How much were they 30years ago? They definitely are appealing, but not so terribly original that I feel the prices are justified. Still, I'm eager to test the theory that it's possible to enjoy a vinyl figure with a foot in one's mouth while with no money while everyone is saying "see...? I told you so".

still browsing around...;-)


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