Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kustom Kaiju from Redhanded, Austin TX


Got a glimpse of these amazing custom kaiju Gomess, Baragon and Goro from Redhanded out of Austin, TX and thought they make some pretty fine eye candy!!! I'm asking him to do a custom Gargamel Fight Figure for me as well. Loving that blue/silver colorway on that Goro. I already have the Gargamel figure picked out!! Yeah, this is gonna be sweet!

I asked Redhanded a bit about his Kaiju customizing:

I have only begun painting toys this last spring, I have largely been doing vinyl and resin garage kits of Japanese monsters over the past 10 years. Started collecting the toys about 6 years ago when I feel for a marmit Baragon after seeing a grainy copy of my favorite childhood film Frankenstein vs Baragon. After that it was a marusan Flying Gamera then I knew I was hooked. As for painting toys, I enjoy doing colorways that have not been done and have a high contrast. I uses various airbrush paints and acryllics for the paint brush work.

wow! Great stuff! I look forward to more custom toys out of the great state of Texas!!




1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It sounds good. But among the monsters my most favorite one is the Godzilla. I have huge collection of Godzilla Monster Toys with me.

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