Friday, December 01, 2006

Super 7 "Birth of Frankenghost" Revealed!!!


Super 7 x Secret Base announce their first full-color Frankenghost figure designed by Brian Flynn himself. Named "Birth of Frankenghost", this new figure is made using grey vinyl with red and black details. Frankenghost will be released this Saturday, December 2nd at 11am. Those in attendance will be the first to buy and after that, phone and web orders will be accepted. As usual, no holds or pre-orders. $60 per figure! See you guys on Saturday!

BTW, check out the pics from last week's visit with Bwana Spoons!!!

Bwana squints from being poked in the eye by Brian's flashing S7 signs


Joe is happy cause Bwana promised him a Steven the Bat if he could finish all the donuts!


Bwana signing Bats...


Yes, Shibby and Locomoco do live at Super 7!!!


Ben and friend showing off their Candy Corn Steven the Bat. Bwana refused to sign until they bought the Purple Nights version...


The Board of Directors from Grass Hut Corporation


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