Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aoshima Black Getter Anime Export Original Version!!!


I've been eyeballing this Aoshima Black Getter for a while now. Can be easily had on eBay for around $100. Then I noticed on Toys Daily this sick limited "Anime Export Original" version with Glow in the Dark parts, weathering and the all important blood splattering. The only problem is that it's gonna cost an extra hundy to get all that. Tempting...definitely tempting, but might have to put this one on the back burner for now.







Anonymous said...

I should warn you, people have said that the cape falls off, and scratches the back. Very little articulation. rag-doll floppiness on some of the joints. Crappy joint design, awkward posing. A balancing act sometimes. Only seven inches tall. The only "pro" I've heard is that it's Black Getter and well...it's Black Getter. I really liked the sculpt, but it sounds like there is some QC issues. I'd go for the not-so-$200 version if I REALLY wanted one--just to be on the safe side. but you might end up with a perfect piece with a little luck. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.


toybot studios said...

hmmmm, sounds tricky...thanks for the heads-up!!

If I could get one for around a hundy, I would be all over it!!

Anonymous said...

I love Aoshima diecast but this one just turns me off. Cheezy fake blood, the ugly cape, etc ... completely different from their normally austere line.

toybot studios said...

funny enough, I specifically went out of my way to find the cheesy version with the fake blood and the weathered cape. I got one for just over a hundy so I was pretty stoked about the price. waiting to get another detolf to display along with the Black Getter Ryoma for the all-Getter shelf! (hope this one can stand up!)

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