Friday, December 08, 2006

Six Days of Kaiju Kristmas from Kaiju Taro!!

Kaiju Taro is getting into the Holiday Spirit and hosting a really cool Kaiju Hanukkah of sorts! Beginning on December 17th at 8pm Japan time (which is 3am West Coast), Kaiju Taro will sell a new exclusive toy each day until December 22nd!! Not quite eight days, but that's ok.

Dec. 17th: Sunguts Clear Red Camguts


Dec. 18th: Ampro Purple / Green Naruton


Dec. 19th: Hedorah in Fuji City Diorama


Dec. 20th: Go Hero Exclusive Black Yira


Dec. 21st: Cronic Bakurasu with Additional Zuraiazu Head


Dec. 22nd: Charatics Majin Binder Exclusive Red / Brown



Anonymous said...

I'm now curious where you update all those japanese toys...

do you go to certain websites? If you do, may you please give the links so I could check out the toys as well?

well hope everything's fine.
take care

Anonymous said...

hahah i saw links on the right side of your site. dorky me lol!

take care

Anonymous said...

I really REALLY want a pair of those amapro/naruton kaiju. I think it's gonna be hard to get them, but I'm gonna try dammit!!

Anonymous said...

Get the coffee out that night. Christmas Camguts!!

Unknown said...

Very Colorful Collection. I like the toys. My kid is very much addicted to the toys, especially the Godzilla Toys. She loves it very much.

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