Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ryukendo Microman on Motorcycles!!!


Ever since I was a kid, i've loved Micromen!! They are the perfect size for taking with you and always come with a boat load of cool accessories. When you apply the Ryukendo license and have Ryukendo and Ryujino Microman figures, you improve perfection! Now when you take Ryukendo Micromen and put them on 1:24 scale real-life sportbikes, were going off the hook!

If you like Japanese characters on sport bikes, check out:
Bubblegum Crisis on Ducati's or Hakaider on Harley's









toybot studios said...

hey jun,
SIC figures are standard size so I think 1/18 scale will work best. If you click on the link to see Hakaider on Harleys, that's a SIC fig on a 1/18 scale Harley race bike. the bikes are a bit big, but it works...send pics and i'll post them here when you have your SIC bike gang ready!

toybot studios said...

actually, let me correct that. I was at a toy store in the mall today and realized that the proper scale is 1/12 scale. this the size that will go best with the SIC action figures.

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