Monday, December 18, 2006

Super 7 x Marmit Exclusive Giant Mecha Godzillas!!!


Super 7 is releasing not one, but two Marmit Giant Mecha Godzillas for the holidays!! The first version above is the one that will make you go out and get a subscription to the Super 7 magazine because this clear vinyl with red spray is a Super 7 magazine subscriber exclusive!!!! Now go ahead and get that subscription by clicking HERE

The second version which is available to all the regular Joes is the super cool clear red with black spray! From Super 7:

A giant 14 inches above the land comes this clear red version of Mecha Godzilla! Painted with black, gold and silver spray. A Super7 x Marmit exclusive, limited to 75 figures WORLDWIDE! Put it under the tree for that lucky someone by purchasing it at Super 7 for $165


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