Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New I.W.G. Rockets Landing Soon!!!


Rocket World's new Retro Rockets should be dropping from the sky anytime now. They are designed to fit the I.W.G. Mini Figures that were all over the place this year. Rocket World's Commander in Chief is Patrick York Ma. I met Patrick several years ago when he used to sell high-end knives and outdoor gear from his Live/Work loft in Oakland. My best knives came from his first company Triple Aught Design which now has a really cool and big retail store in San Francisco featuring all the gear that a Army Ranger would want if he was going camping. REI this is not.


Rocket World Staff. Would you fcuk with these guys? They make toys?

A few years ago, Patrick who is holds a Masters in 3D Arts started Rocket World and took the toy world by storm with his innovative I.W.G. toy line. "Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo" are endangered animals with assault weapons hunting humans. I love the toys and the irony. Check out these new Rockets that will be flying into your favorite retail stores shortly. They come in several different colors and include a mini figure!


Also check out this exclusive SDCC "Punisher" Bear I got in San Diego last July. The Bear itself is really cool. It's the same bear Patrick used for this other custom one-off Punisher Bear for MTV's Overground Book Launch Party earlier this year. What I really like is the incorporation of these hyper-realistic weapons and gear from those 12-Inch Dragon Action Figures. This backpack opens and has tiny buckles. All the weapons have removable magazines and rackable slides!! Crazy!!









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