Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Max Factory Votoms Commando Vogt Norden Custom Scopedog!!!


Max Factory is coming to the party with a new 1/35 scale Votoms Scopedog in this Commando Vogt Norden Custom action figure with optional weapons pack!!! I believe this is the first time Max Factory has offered such an elaborate weapons package. If you're going to include a rifle, you might as well go all the way and include some serious night vision goggles not to mention the two extra legs that swing down for added stability when sniping from 50 miles away!! Not gonna be cheap to get this hardware though. The scopedog with the optional weapons package will set you back close to $100!!!







Anonymous said...

Max Factory VOTOMS! I always tell myself that I will only collect the figures from the animated series--no repaints or slight variations. That was when I got my first 1/35 Scopedog figure. It didn't give me such a great impression initially, but after a couple days, it started to grow on me. I think these sculpts are the best in the business right now. Sure, they are not BIG or gimmicky, but they really bring me back to the show in a really special way. My only complaint right now is that they haven't released much more than a bunch of Scopedogs, and that the figures weren't made to scale. I'm hoping for a Fatty and Beetle in the near future. I have already pre-ordered the Vogt Norden custom (2x) and the weapons. Let's see if I've got the nerve to follow through. They really need some new models--at 50-gimmickless-dollars a pop, Max Factory is in no position to pull a "takara" or "yamato"; pop out a scopedog and make as many repaints as possible. gay.


toybot studios said...

yeah, I like the Max Factory versions ok and all, but they are kinda pricey for what you get. I just purchased a few old school AG versions on YJA including the beetle. they are a lot smaller and transform which I think is very cool.

They did step it up with this weapons package. makes me want to order it! Like you, I would like to see other Votoms made into 1/35 figures - like these crazy ones from the Blue Knight Beserga Mini Figures series! Very cool! Gallery coming soon!

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