Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shocker World Wide New Years Toy Festival!!!


Shocker World Wide has struck a deal with the Devil himself (and Secret Base) to offer some of the sickest, very limited Secret Base / Balzac toys!!!

There will be two insane versions of this Balzac Obake Ghost released after January 6th: Glow in the Dark and the Blood Spray GID!!!


This purple Balzac Bagman will go on sale tomorrow January 4th so hopefully they have enough stock cause this one is gonna be popular!!


The first toy released was this bling, bling gold Skullman with the cloth skeleton suit and paper bag!! Only SIX(6) of these guys were sold to a mob of over 50 trying to clickity click their credit card numbers in the overloaded system!!! You can now get it on Yahoo Japan Auctions for a premium!!


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